Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is your strongest ally in the fight against breast cancer. Digital images appear in seconds on a computer screen, resulting in:
Discover all the benefits of a digital mammogram at the Tolland Imagine Center and learn the importance of early screening for breast health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Mammography

    • Better visibility at the skin line
    • Greater image flexibility
    • Shorter exam times
    • Fewer call backs
    • Less anxiety

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digital mammography at Tolland Imaging

What is a mammography?

Mammography is a method of examining the breasts by using low-dose x-rays. This simple, painless procedure can detect tumors and cysts, often to small to be felt by a manual examination. It can help differentiate between harmless or benign tumors and cancer, although a definitive diagnosis requires a biopsy to study cells from the actual breast lump.